Al Azb In Mineral Water Services

  • • Sand Sucker
  • • Supply of Diesel
  • • Transportation Services
  • • Waste Management Services
  • • Equipment Hire
  • • Sewage Services
  • • Supply of Water
  • • Waste Oil Vacum Tanker

We Follow good manufacturing practice in factory we monitor all the quality paramaters. Source water, storage Tanks Quality, Micro Fine Filter Quality, UV Irradiation Quality, Ozone Content, Empty Bottles Quality, Filling Room Air Quality, Closures Quality and following the CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice)(Lab Certificates are attached).

We have Three Segments of Market :
1. Retail Consumption Market
2. Household Consumption Market.
3. Institutional Consumption Market.

A) Oil Field Company
B) Hotel.
C) Offices.
D) Hpypermarkets.

The Market can also be divided on the price at which this bottled water is available in two categories.
A) Premium Natural mineral water
B) Popular or plain Bottled water